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Sorting Animals into Groups


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There are at least a million different kinds of animal living on the Earth today. Some of these animals you will already know, because you see them every day around you, or in books or on the television. Some of these animals live in the UK, others in foreign countries. Some animals may seem very strange, because you have never seen an animal like it, yet others may look very similar to animals you already know.

It is often helpful to sort animals into groups. There are many ways of doing this. Animals belonging to the same group share certain features. For example, they may all be sea creatures, have four legs, live underground, live in Africa, are wild, kept as pets, live on a farm, or have webbed feet! These are just a few ideas - there are lots of different ways to sort animals into groups.

Work with a partner to sort these animals into groups. What features do they share? Give reasons for your answers.

hedgehog   bat   lion   killer whale

zebra   tortoise   dinosaur   elephant

camel   squirrel   rabbit   pigeon

crocodile   snake   frog   fish

Have you come up with different groups to the other children in your class? Discuss your groups with those created by other children.

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