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2000 - 2001


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Introducing control technology to a new class

With the start of a new academic year and therefore a new class, I had to start from scratch and introduce the children to the Lego kits and Robolab programming. I did this with a group at a time, starting with Pilot Level and the Amusement Park models.

This year, I decided to take a slightly different approach to save hours of building time, in that we made each model only once and passed it on to the next group, so that the focus of the session was actually programming the model. I noticed, however, that the children took longer to solve the problems encountered than last year's children did.

After talking to the children, I came to the conclusion that because they had not had an active part in building the models, they had found it harder to troubleshoot any problems. Together, we also became increasingly frustrated with the templates provided by the Pilot Levels. The children couldn't make the models behave in the way they wanted them to.


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