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  • ICTeachers
    General Educational Resources; Home/School Resources; Policies and Management resources.

  • Internet for Learning
    Bringing together the very best teaching & learning tools and resources for Primary schools from RM.

    (National Association of Advisors for Computers in Education) is the professional association for those concerned with advancing education through the appropriate use of ICT.

  • Educate the Children
    For To the  top of the pagethe primary school teacher, there are over 2000 lesson plans, worksheets, articles and teaching strategies available to view and download. All resources are National Curriculum referenced and designed to fulfil key learning objectives.

  • Kent NGfL Homepage Tutorials, case studies, lesson plans and resources for teaching ICT.

  • FAST - Federation Against Software Theft
    Check that you are not in breach of copyright.

  • ACCIT Home Page
    (National Association for Co-ordinators and Teachers of IT)

  • RM (Research Machines)
    ICT teaching & learning products and resources for Primary schools.

  • Window Box On Line
    RM Window Box OnLine (WBOL) is an online service for Window Box users. It provides educationally proven ICT Activities across the curriculum, which you can safely download to your computer. It also provides useful articles on ICT, Window Box manuals you can download, and other resources. Even if you don't have a Window Box computer, the resources are well worth a look.

  • Logotron Educational Software
    Products include: SuperLogo; ViewPoint and PinPoint for data-handling; Insight datalogging software; Control Insight for modelling and control work; Maths Workshop; and the "Essential Tools" compilation CD-ROMs.

  • Valiant Technology
    Aims to "create educational products which will help children to fulfil their potential by teaching them to think, understand and to use their knowledge in creative and positive ways."

  • DCP Micro
    Makers of datalogging equipment, such as the LogIt meter

  • Windows Device Drivers
    The place to find the latest device drivers for you Windows-based computers.

  • Downloads page
    Try-before-you-buy software; shareware and free downloads.

Christmas Activities using ICT

  • Christmas activities
    From the Valiant Technology Website

  • Christmas Crackers
    MAPE asked members to suggest suitable activities for use during the days and weeks before Christmas. This is a compilation of ideas from many members.

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