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Welcome to the Learning Resources pages! Here you will find lots of interactive activities to support children's learning in Key Stage 2 (Juniors, ages 7 to 11). Although the activities are matched to the National Curriculum for England and Wales, I am sure visitors from other countries will find the site useful. You can access the learning resources by clicking on the subject of choice below, or from the navigation bar on your left.

Learning Menu: Literacy | Numeracy | Science | History | Geography | Design Technology

Most of the resources available are in html format and are therefore freely available to all visitors. However, you will need Microsoft Office 97 or above (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) to use some of the resources. Non-interactive HTML or Rich Text Format versions are available for each activity. Viewers are available to download from Microsoft, but they do not fully support the interactive elements of the resources. You may download the viewers here, if you wish.

Resources which use Word, Excel or PowerPoint will open in a new window and may take some time to download. You will need to enable macros to use the Excel resources, at your own risk.











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If you are a regular visitor to my site and find the free resources useful, please consider making a donation. All proceeds go towards hosting fees and keeping this not-for-profit website ad free.

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