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General Sites

  • BBC Science Clips 36 interactive resources linked to the QCA Scheme of Work for Science - ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard.

Life Processes and Living Things

  • The Great Plant Escape
    Help Detective LePlant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life! They will need your help to find clues, do experiments, and solve problems as you journey into the world of plants.

  • Scholastic's Magic School Bus: The Great Habitat Match-up
    To find out more about a few endangered species and their habitats, try playing The Great Habitat Match-Up game.

  • Scholastic's Magic School Bus: Monster Bugs
    Help! There are drawers full of bug parts in the Friz's lab! Put the parts back together to create bugs found in nature OR create new bugs of your own! You've never seen Monster Bugs like these!

  • Sir Robert Hitcham School's Habitat Page
    Click on a habitat to learn more about the creatures which live there. The page also has links to other sites about habitats.

  • Living Things from the Franklin Institute
    The world we live in is populated by millions of plants and animals. Yet, each one is an individual. Individual plants and animals are grouped together in families, according to their physical structure and their behavior. Families of living things interact with each other and with their neighborhood. All living things have a circle of life. Birth, growth, reproduction, and death are natural parts of the natural world.

  • To the  top of the pageNature Explorer at Canterbury Environmental Education Centre
    This is the Nature Explorer site at Canterbury Environmental Education Centre, where you can follow the Kingfisher or Sunrise Trails, and explore the pond, woodland or grassland habitats.

  • Sir Robert Hitcham's Living World Keying pages
    These pages will help you to identify any group of plants or animals by answering a set of questions.

Life Processes and Living Things: Ourselves

  • The Human Body Cyberhunt
    A series of questions about the human body. Click on the links below each question to find the answers.

  • The Heart: An Online Exploration
    Explore the heart by following the blood through the blood vessels. Learn how to keep your heart healthy.

  • Healthy Kids
    Pages about keeping healthy, with materials written for especially for each age group.

  • Scholastic's Magic School Bus: Gets an Earful!
    Do you think that you have a good "ear" for matching up sounds with the things that make them? Find out by playing Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Gets an Earful sound game!

  • The Haunted House: How does your body move?
    An interactive journey identifying the bones that make up the human skeleton andhow they work together. Targeted towards 7-9 year olds studying the topic 'Moving and Growing', unit 4A, Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum.

Physical Processes: General

  • Engineering Interact Resources on this site from Cambridge University cover Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum for England, Physical Processes (Sc4). There are five games covering the five sub-topics: light, sound, forces & motion, earth & beyond and electricity. Each game contains a number of interactive modules, split into three sections: learning, testing and engineering applications.

Physical Processes: Forces

Physical Processes: The Earth in Space

Physical Processes: Electricity

  • The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits
    An interactive learning tool for Key Stage 2 Science (Units 4F and 6G). This is a super site which teaches the topic "Electric Circuits". All the vocabulary you will meet at school is clearly explained and the activities are great fun.


  • Materials Cyberhunt
    A series of questions about Materials. Click on the links below each question to find the answers.

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