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Sites about Ancient Greece

Sites about Ancient Rome / The Romans

Sites about the Anglo-Saxons

Sites about the Vikings

  • The Jorvik Viking Centre
    Visit a reconstruction of Viking age York, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the time.

  • BBC History: The Vikings
    Raiders, looters, colonists or settlers? Play Viking Quest. Launch your own raid on Lindisfarne and win the Viking Chief's prize. This site also includes maps, video shorts and dig reports.

  • BBC History: Ancient History - Vikings
    A great source for a variety of information on the Vikings with links to multi-media resources such as video shorts from 'Blood of the Vikings' and a Viking history trail. There are also links to dig reports around the UK, including an excavation in Westray in Orkney.

  • The Vikings
    Explore a Viking village, write your name in runes and find out about the secrets of the Norse ships.

Sites about the Normans

  • Invasion of England, 1066 Eyewitness History

  • The Bayeux Tapestry - Here you can read the tale told by the Bayeux Tapestry -
    The story of William the Conqueror and Harold, Earl of Wessex, the men who led the Norman and Saxon armies in 1066. William's defeat of Harold at the Battle of Hastings ensured the success of the Norman invasion of England...

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