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Fun Learning Activities
for Junior School Children / KS2
(ages 7 to 11)


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Literacy / English

  • Nouns
    Sort common nouns, collective nouns and proper nouns; pair the collective nouns; sort into nouns and verbs.

  • General Vocabulary Exercise
    Making plurals; matching plurals; match common words to a WOW! word; WOW! word snap; match beginnings to endings.

  • Vowels
    Homophones and different ways of writing the same vowel sound.

  • General mixed bag
    Prefixes; missing full stops and capital letters; more missing punctuation; reading comprehension (retrieval); match the WOW! wword to its meaning.

  • Punctuation
    Replace the missing punctuation in this extract from "The Jungle Book".

  • Word Level Exercises (revision)
    Sort the correct and incorrect spellings; match words to their meanings; missing punctuation.


Numeracy / Maths


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