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National Numeracy Strategy
Year 3


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Counting, properties of numbers and number sequences (p.2-7)

Place value and ordering (p.8-15)

  • Read and write whole numbers to 1 000 in figures and words.
    (p.9) Read and write whole numbers to at least 1000 in figures and words.

  • Know what each digit represents and partition into H T U.
    (p.9) Know what each digit represents, and partition three-digit numbers into a multiple of 100, a multiple of ten and ones (HTU).

  • Compare two three-digit numbers and say which is more or less
    (p.11) Read and begin to write the vocabulary of comparing and ordering numbers, including ordinal numbers to at least 100.
    Compare two given three-digit numbers, say which is more or less, and give a number which lies between them.

Estimating and rounding (p.16-19)

  • Round to the nearest ten Round these two-digit numbers up or down to the nearest ten.
    (p.19) Round any two-digit number to the nearest 10 and any three-digit number to the nearest 100.

Fractions (p.20-23)

  • Recognise simple equivalent fractions Decide which of these fractions are equivalent to one half or one whole.
    (p.23) Begin to recognise simple equivalent fractions: for example, five tenths and one half, five fifths and one whole.

Calculations (p.26-59)

  • Add three then four single-digit numbers mentally
    (p.27) Extend understanding that more than two numbers can be added; add three or four single-digit numbers mentally, or three or four two-digit numbers with the help of apparatus or pencil and paper.

Measures (p.72-79)

  • Telling time to five minutes Write the time in figures from these analogue clock faces.
    (p.79) Read the time to 5 minutes on an analogue clock and a 12-hour digital clock, and use the notation 9:40.

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