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Literacy Year 5 Term 1


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Look, Cover, Write, Check Spelling Activities for NLS Medium Frequency Wordlists (Years 4 and 5). Word Level Objectives: to practise new spellings regularly by "look, say, cover, write, check" strategy; to read and spell correctly the words in Appendix List 2.

National Literacy Strategy Year 5 Term 1

Word level work
Spelling conventions and rules

  • Spelling patterns in pluralisation
    Word Level Objective 5: spelling patterns in pluralisation e.g. change f to ves.

  • Prefixes: Word Level Objective 6: to ... investigate the meanings and spellings of words using the following prefixes - auto, bi, trans, tele, circum

  • Identifying root words
    Word Level Objective 8: identify word roots, derivations and spelling patterns in order to extend vocabulary and provide support for spelling.

  • Idioms
    Word Level Objective 9: to collect and classify a range of idiomatic phrases, clichés and expressions, e.g. the more the better, under the weather, past his prime, given up the ghost, taken for a ride, not up to it, put on a brave face, over the top, beat about the bush, in for a penny, par for the course, putting his back up. Compare, discuss, speculate about meaning/origins and check in dictionaries.

Sentence level work
Sentence construction and punctuation

  • First, second and third person
    Sentence Level Objective 8: to revise and extend work on verbs (see Y4 objectives), focusing on: person: 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Identify and classify examples from reading; experiment with transforming tense/form/person in these examples - discuss changes that need to be made and effects on meaning.



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