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Inspirational Award
AS! 3.5
WA 8.5
OAI 4.0
EAI Level 3
28 June 2003
The Crystal Sea


Congratulations; You are our first Inspirational Award Winner. It has been a real pleasure to not only visit this site and to evaluate it but to believe in its purpose as well. The Site has great navigation and above all excellent resources for the professional teacher and those wanting to help their children from home. It provides the balance between the school and the parent. Diane, has sown her heart on her sleeve in a way that not only benefits the community but gives the internet the true meaning of information highway. It is with great honor that "Teaching and Learning Resources" is our first recipient of "The Inspirational Award". The process has taken over 30 days to evaluate 31 sites as nominees for this award and based on the scores received by all the evaluators and then averaged out "Teaching and Learning Resources" stood above the rest. Congratulations, Diane and we hope to see the many souls your site has helped in the years to come as they begin to make their investment in society.







BigOscar GOLD 2003 (4 Stars)
AS! 4.5**
WA Supreme Level 10*
OAI 5.0
1 July 2003
BigOscar's Award


Thank you very much for submitting your site for the BigOscar's Award.We have reviewed your site in accordance with the criteria for this program.
Your site scored the following:

29 Points (Gold 29-30) = Gold... you win the "BigOscar GOLD 2003 (4 Stars)", congratulations!!!!

Judges comments:
* very nice design!
* easy navigation!
* very interesting and well organized content!
* Excellent Work.

We enjoyed our visit.


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