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Habitats and Food Chains


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What is an ecosystem?

  • An ecosystem refers to all the animals and plants found in one place, and the way they all live together.

  • Different plants and animals live in different ecosystems.

  • Different ecosystems can be close together.

  • Some animals belong to several ecosystems.

What is an environment?

  • Everything that affects an animal makes up its environment - where it lives, the weather and all the living things it comes into contact with.

  • Every living thing, including people, has an effect upon the environment.

Animal Adaptation

  • All living things have to be suited to their environment if they are to survive.

  • Fish have streamlined bodies, fins and specially shaped tails to help them move quickly and easily through the water.

  • Squirrels have sharp, strong claws for gripping tree trunks and branches and strong teeth for eating nuts.

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