By the end of this activity you will be able to: Recognise how first, second and third person are used to describe the subject of a sentence.

“I” and “We” are known as the “first person”, because you are talking about yourself.

“I am in Year 5. We are learning about the Tudors in History.”

You use the “second person” – “You” when you are talking directly to another person or group of people.

“You were amazing in goal!” “You all played brilliantly.”

He, She, It and They all refer to the “third person”, even though this may be a group, not an individual.

“He is our star player.”
“She beat everyone else in the race.”
“It was a very friendly dog.”
“They got soaking wet in the thunderstorm.”

“He”, “She”, “It” and “They” may also be referred to by their actual names, for example, “Tom”, “Sally”, “Spike” or “Tom and Sally”.

Read each sentence carefully and decide whether the subject of the sentence is first, second or third person. Choose the correct answer from the drop-down box, then click “Finished” to see if you were right.

First, Second & Third Person

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