By the end of this activity you will be able to: Identify collective nouns for different animals.

This is a great activity that develops knowledge of collective nouns. A collective noun is a count noun that denotes a group of things. We come across collective nouns in everyday conversation:

1. The class is learning about Ancient Egypt.
2. The team is playing in the final of the cup.
3. The army is training in the barracks.
4. The council is planning a fair for families in the local area.
5. My family is going to London for the weekend.
6. The band is playing tonight at 8pm.
7. The choir is singing live on TV tonight.
8. My favourite series on TV is Peppa Pig.

In this quiz you will be learning about groups of animals. You will have a list of options for each animal but think carefully, some answers may be worked out by linking ideas. E.g. A stand of Flamingos – Flamingos stand on one leg.

Choose the correct collective noun to complete the sentences.

Collective Nouns - Animals

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