By the end of this activity you will be able to: Calculate change from £5.

It is important that your KS1 and KS2 children understand how to calculate change. Each time when you pay cash in a shop you are likely to get change; even if it is as little as 1p. It is important that you can work out the change to ensure you are paying the correct price.

A strategy to find change is to count up to the next 10p, next £1 and target amount. E.g. If you spend £2.36 in the shop these are the steps to take to find the change from £5:
£2.36 (+ 4p) = £2.40 (next 10p)
£2.40 (+60p) = £3.00 (next £1)
£3.00 (+£2) = £5.00 (target amount)

The total is £2.64 change.

In this activity you will use the same strategy to calculate how much change will be given from £5.

Change from £5

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