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Properties of Solids and Liquids

Use one of these words to complete each statement:

liquids, heat, shape, temperatures, cool, melts, volume, particles, solid, freezing

1. To turn a liquid into a solid, you need to it.

2. To turn a solid into a liquid, you need to it.

3. When a solid it turns into a liquid.

4. Pouring a liquid from one container to another does not change its .

5. Liquids always take the of their container.

6. If you freeze water, it will become a .

7. Different solids melt at different .

8. To stop ice from melting, you need to keep it below point.

9. You can pour but not solids.

10. Some solids, like sand, can be poured. This is because any quantity of sand is made up of many thousands of tiny pieces called


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