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Positive and negative sentences

Positve sentences tell us what something is, has or does.

The cat is black. It plays with string. It has kittens.

Negative sentences tell us the opposite. The word not is included in the sentence. Don't forget that not is often shortened to n't. For example, can not becomes can't, does not becomes doesn't and so on.

The cat isn't black. It doesn't play with string. It hasn't got kittens.

  1. I ran all the way to the shops.



  2. The children can read a book together.



  3. John is tired.



  4. Mary has gone to Spain.



  5. Leeds Utd won the match.



  6. Sam didn't eat all the sweets.



  7. The cat didn't like the cream.



  8. I didn't break my leg.



  9. The children didn't fight at playtime.



10. The Smith family didn't go to Italy.


Created using Testmaker from The Big Bus - www.thebigbus.com

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