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Changing statements into questions

Statements can be changed into questions. One way of doing this is to change the word order - put the verb at the beginning of the sentence and add a question mark at the end, like this: "It is a lovely day." becomes "Is it a lovely day?"

Sometimes, you need to change the verb and add an extra word to make a question, like this:"They enjoyed the pantomime." becomes "Did they enjoy the pantomime?"

Now try changing these statements into questions. Click on the "Finished" button to mark your work when you are done. Be careful not to add any extra spaces in your answers.

  1. It is raining.


  2. We are late.


  3. John is tired.


  4. Mary is going to Spain.


  5. We won.


  6. Harry ate the last cake.


  7. Paul took the dog for a walk.


  8. Sally drew a lovely picture.


  9. You broke the vase.


10. The cat caught the mouse.

Created using Testmaker from The Big Bus - www.thebigbus.com

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