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Types of sentence

There are four types of sentence: statements, questions, orders and exclamations.

A statement gives information: Football is a sport. It is a game for two teams.

A question asks something: Do you like football? Is football an exciting game?

An order tells somebody to do something: Don't play football there! Go to the park instead. An order may or may not end with an exclamation mark.

An exclamation is a sentence that expresses a strong feeling: I love football! It's a brilliant game! An exclamation ends with an exclamation mark.

Look at each sentence below and decide which type of sentence it is. Choose from the drop-down list. At the end, click on the "Finished" button to see if you were right.

  1. My name is Sam.


  2. "I hate fish!"


  3. "Do you like fish?"


  4. "Be quiet!"


  5. "That's a great idea!"


  6. "Can we go to the park after school?"


  7. London is the capital city of England.


  8. "Is that a new dress?"


  9. Find a partner and sit together in a space on the floor.


10. What a fantastic film!

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