In this era of technology, it is very difficult to determine the difference between facts, fiction and opinions. With the prevalence of ‘Social Media News’, we are increasingly subject to ‘Fake News’. It is very important that you learn to recognise the difference between facts and opinions.

A fact is something that can be proven to be true. Facts are backed up by evidence and cannot be argued with. Opinions are someone’s view or judgement about something. Opinions change from person to person, can also change over time and are not always based on facts or knowledge.

Writers can often mix up fact and opinion and therefore it is important that you can research yourself to find out the truths.

By the end of this activity you will be able to: Recognise facts and opinions.

Decide which of these statements are fact or opinion.

A fact is something that can be proven true.
An opinion is a feeling, view or judgement on something.

Fact or Opinion