4Heat travels from a _______ material to a colder one. (6)
5Plastic, cork, wood and fabrics are good ______ insulators. (7)
8Bendy (8)
10Name for a material which does carry electricity. (9)
11Man-made materials. (9)
13Materials which are not man-made. (7)
14A material used to insulate flex (wire). (7)
15Stiff (5)


1Does not allow light to pass through. (6)
2Allows some light to pass through. (11)
3Allows light to pass through. (11)
6A material which can stretch. (7)
7Soaks up liquids. (9)
9Name for a material which does not

carry electricity. (9)
10A metal used to conduct electricity. (6)
12Thermal insulators are good for keeping ______ out as well as in. (4)

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